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What is new on Ekas portal you can know here

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New Delhi: Delhi  Ekas portal is creating a portal site that can connect 200 million blue-collar and grey-collar employees with job suppliers in accord with the Prime Minister's vision to supply them with a way of livelihood within their home conditions.

What is new on Ekas portal you can know here

The Unnati system has been developed with Tech Commonson at a public-private cooperation version. The authorities will work as a trustee and fiduciary of private data because it develops that the portal site and authorise its own operations. In any case, it is going to guarantee security of data, that won't be accessible to third parties unless expressly authorised.

What is new on Ekas portal you can know here

Stability of employees to avoid migration ought to be the attention. Efforts must be made to give upskilling opportunities to those employees, besides schooling and other advantages," Modi has stated in meetings with bureaucrats and specialists.

Further, the PM proposed extending the range of the system to map employee requirements throughout the world.

Could we create this portal site to map the worldwide workforce need and join Indian skilled employees with them, imparting extra skills such as language, where required?" He asked.
Another technology platforms which the authorities think-tank is growing utilizing

AI contain lending into the reduced middle-income class utilizing direct advantage move data, a portal site to provide increased education for many, allowing digital KYCverifications, a unified cooling system platform, a portal site to provide several advantages to small companies and an agri-stack to get interoperability of agricultural data.

 Ekas portal announcement

Both the labor ministry as well as also the skills development ministry also have developed project portal sites to connect job seekers with companies, however They're Limited to researchers and researchers employees, respectively. States like Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh have developed project portal sites to make sure that their folks get jobs over the countries to decrease migration.

DDA portal is similar like Ekas portal 

The Delhi Development Authority on Thursday announced the launching of a"Public Engagement Representative for Master Plan for Delhi-2041" to discuss info regarding planning of their new master program and to obtain comments from the general public.

In an overview committee meeting, chaired by DDA V-C Anurag Jain, important focus was push a public participation plan for its Master Plan to get Delhi-2041, the metropolitan body stated.

"The portal site will discuss information about the groundwork of MPD-2041 in addition to numerous visioning and understanding surveys for resident opinions. Time and date of public consultation meetings and occasions will likely be shared over the portal site to allow citizens of Delhi to take part in the MPD-2041 prep procedure and form a shared vision to creating the town," browse the DDA announcement.

A extensive stakeholder participation procedure is under way, because 2019, as stated by the property owning agency. "The very first step is to get focused group discussions by specialists, practitioners, civil society groups to particular aspects like health, environment, contamination, legacy, freedom and renewable energy, sex problems, urban layout development of public areas amongst others. In the forthcoming months, a broader outreach is going to be performed for comprehensive public participation," the announcement read.

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