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 As President Volodymyr Zeleskyy declares martial law in Ukraine and declares an emergency due to the Russian military incursion, law firms in Ukraine have begun closing their offices.

The martial law, which lasts for 30 days, imposes increased security measures such as curfews or restrictions on certain movements.

Baker McKenzie stated in a statement that Thursday: "In view of the military action in Ukraine, we have shut down our office in Kyiv til the situation stabilizes." We monitor developments closely and do everything we can to support our people in these difficult circumstances.

A spokesperson for the firm stated that the firm's Kyiv office has 15 lawyers and 100 employees.

"Their safety is our top priority. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected during this very difficult time." Our partners are working with the clients to determine what options are available for them to continue providing legal assistance elsewhere. We also provide support through our network offices throughout Europe.

Law Library Management and Legal Research

Law Library Management and Legal Research


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CMS, which employs more than 30 lawyers across the region, has closed its Kyiv office. It is also offering relocation options for affected employees. In a statement, a spokesperson stated that while communication lines are still open, CMS has decided to close its Kyiv office until further notice. During this time, our thoughts and prayers are with all of our clients, colleagues, and friends. As many others, we hope for a peaceful solution to this conflict.

They said that they were deeply concerned by the current situation in Ukraine and expressed their sadness. Our top priority is the safety and well-being of our people. We have done everything in recent weeks and months for our colleagues, including offering relocation options within EU.

We have a dedicated group that has been working for Kyiv colleagues to help birmingham car wreck lawyer, especially as new issues emerged. We continue to look at arrangements in this fast-moving situation.

Dentons joined them in closing their Kyiv office and established a taskforce "monitoring and managing the crisis situation", according to a spokesperson. They said that their primary concern is the safety of both Ukrainian and Russian citizens. We keep in touch with our team in Kyiv, and provide any assistance our colleagues may need, even relocation assistance in neighboring countries.

A prominent Kyiv-based law company, with over 100 lawyers in Kyiv, requested anonymity and said it had instructed its staff to work remotely for the 30-day period.

Another major Ukrainian law firm, with over 100 lawyers, has also refused to be identified. It stated that it would not return its offices until it felt "safe to do so".

Kinstellar, Ukraine's largest firm, sent an automated email response saying: "Due the martial law being implemented in Ukraine, [from] Feb 24, 2022 our Kyiv office will be closed temporarily but we continue working remotely." It has 60 lawyers in Kyiv, with 10 partners.

After declaring that Russia had launched an attack on our state, President Zelenskyy signed the decree. He urged citizens to remain at home and urged those living in Russia to return to their homes immediately.

Zelenskyy said, "This is an unjustified deceitful invasion". The world's fair response to this aggression will determine whether at least some of the force of international legal law is retained.

Fears of a Russian invasion have been mounting in recent weeks. Many lawyers in Kyiv took a wait and see approach.


Many firms, including the major Kyiv firm Sayenko Kharenko had begun to provide advice to their clients about how to deal with Russia's sanctions and other safety concerns.

Law Society of England and Wales President I. Stephanie Boyce stated that the invasion was alarming. International law states that no state can use force or threaten force against another state. This is a clear principle. We wish for an end to hostilities quickly and our thoughts are with all affected.

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